Visiting the Palace of Kadriyah Sultanate

The next destination is the Palace of Kadriyah Sultanate. The palace was built from 1771 until 1778 by Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadri, who was the first sultan and founder of the city of Pontianak. The palace was made from selected woods. In front of the palace, visitors can see 13 ancient Portuguese-made and French-made cannons.
The interior color of the palace of Kadriyah Sultanate is dominated by yellow. The palace has a collection of historic objects such as thrones, a variety of jewelry used for generations, ancient artifacts, glassware, photos of the Sultan and his family and also the royal family tree. Several private rooms belonging to the sultanate’s family are also opened to the public. The palace of Kadriyah Sultanate is located at Tanjung Raya Street, East Pontianak. It’s about 4 km from downtown Pontianak. Opening hour is 10 am – 6 pm and it’s free entry.